The Best Way To Pass Your Accountancy Tests

Accountancy Tests are demanding, and ordinary pupils mostly do not pass in first effort. You should have to adhere to some suggestions to succeed since, its hard than any other evaluation. These measures can take you to a stage that is desired when it comes to pass ACCA examination –

  1. Strategy
  2. Study
  3. Exercise
  4. Prepare
  5. Play

With this procedure, you will have the ability to understand how to proceed steadily and accomplish your objectives. More info


Planning is essential for any examination prep. It is suggested to have some time before you start analyzing. You must determine how you are going to prepare for the examination. The issue is that you begin preparing for ACCA examination straight away and have to wait for consequences of examination. The moment, your outcome declared; you’d have wasted months of examination session. Take the plunge and be fast.

Throughout the preparation, you may allocate enough time for analyzing, daily schedule, other activities and household matters. You need to determine how to balance these items. Since rigidity can dissuade you in attaining your goal, your schedule ought to be flexible and realistic.


You should possess Objective Oriented Approach prior to research. Establish which are achievable daily. It’s possible to examine a syllabus or chapter part in 1 day. As it is not powerful, do not concentrate daily. Concentrate on the syllabus and finish a few area of your study material every day.


Beyond paper exercise in a broad level is very significant to maneuver your ACCA examination in flying colours. It lessen your stress radically and will improve notions, time control. So do, practice makes a man perfect.

Examiner reports can also be helpful if you see them since they emphasize on the usual mistakes given by the pupils.


It’s as significant as the analysis. This stage includes visit to the exam center and carrying sleep revision of your syllabus and food prior to your exam day.

In case you don’t update the content, then you’re very likely to forget what you’ve researched. It is going to help save time on the day when your centre is visited by you and you’ll reach there. Diet and Hurry are significant because health that is upset can have a negative effect on your examination.

Stress control, stress management and anxiety reduction are essential prior to your examination since these can harm you resulting in poor performance and lack of concentration.

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