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What I’m searching for regularly is something that I can easily wear at my work area (or on my lounge chair, since how about we be genuine, Leggings I do a ton of work from that point) that additionally looks socially adequate for getting things done or an easygoing supper when I toss a sweater over them. Zella’s high-midriff style checks these containers, and in the event that I need wear them to Pilates, they absolutely work for that as well. — Abby Gardner, contributing essayist



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Best Plus-Size: Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Powersoft Plus-Size Leggings

For something as fundamental as dark tights, you’d think discovering extraordinary alternatives in hefty sizes would be simple. But, so many are either excessively close, excessively sheer, or excessively unstable. These hit the sweet spot of being both amazingly agreeable—they’ve gotten a staple in my WFH closet—and sufficiently strong to wait when I run in them. They likewise hit directly at the lower leg, which is incredible in case you’re under 5′ 4″ like me and each other legging packs at the base. The best part is that I’m by all account not the only one who believes they’re mind blowing. Our adjudicators casted a ballot them the best tights in the Plus-Size Fashion Awards a year ago. — Lindsay Schallon, senior excellence editorial manager


Old Navy

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Everlane perform legging

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Best for Tall People: Everlane Perform Leggings

My initial introduction was “I trust these fit.” Thankfully, the tights have a huge amount of stretch, so I had no issues. Try not to fear what they watch directly out of the container; they’re not as little as they appear. I was amazed at the amount they had the option to extend while keeping up their shading and murkiness.



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